Sell fuel pellets A2 (wood pellets) from the manufact

Sell fuel pellets A2 (wood pellets) from the manufact

 102 /ton, min. 22 t  wholesale
Delivery terms: FCA Lutsk
Ганжала Игорь Александрович, НОП
Flagma member since 17 October 2018

LLC Prodeko manufactures and sells fuel pellets (wood pellets) (d = 6 mm). In order to ensure the implementation of shipments of finished products, the company has its own production capacity of 3,500 tons / year.
The products have physicochemical indices corresponding to class A2:
Color: light brown
Diameter: 6 mm
Length: 35 mm
Bulk density: 620 kg / m3
Humidity: 9.1%
Ash content: 0.7%
Packaging: Running (1000 kg)
Price: 102 euros / t (FCA Lutsk, Ukraine)

We invite you to cooperate.
Sincerely, Ganjala Igor
Head of sales department tel / Vibe / WhatsAppr

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