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Fuel Pellets

от 120   /тонна, мин. 22 т  оптом
Условия поставки: FCA Москва
Кузнецова Мария, координатор проекта
на Флагма с 4 июля 2018

Оur plant is located in Russia in the Moscow region, convenient location for trucks, about 107 district road.

Our company produces wood fuel pellets 8mm from the dry needles tree, in process clean the wood from any impurities and pollutions, drying, and pressing under high pressure. The quality is high, the granules is solid, and inside the water does not dissolve for many hours. It is not industrial, pellets for household fuel.
Ash content - 0.3%
Calorific value 4700 W\kg
density 1300 kg\m3

For the pellets production we used materials - dry needles tree, bark content in the final product is minimal, which gives a small ash content (0.3). Drying of raw materials takes place in a double-circuit drying machine, which causes the absence of ingress of flue gases and other combustion products into the material. Pressing the granules occurs at a temperature of over 350 degrees C., at high pressure, the wood changes its color to light brown. Therefore, our pellets has a color-cappuccino, which is a consequence of the production process, and not the presence of any impurities or pollutions.
The pellet of our production is a pellet of premium quality, it is confirmed by the Russian certification and test reports.
We offer you FCA conditions, without VAT, as we do not work with VAT. If you are interested, we can provide samples.

Incoterms: EXW, FCA-DAP

Meet the requirements: GOST, ENplus A1, DIN Plus

Under the terms of payment by Bank transfer;

The price for 1 ton in 15 kg bags – 120 € (conditions from 20 tons)

Our site:
Instagram: lteplo

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