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Юдицкий Илья, зам.директора
на Флагма с 13 февраля 2017

Good day!
At the moment, communication by phone, WhatsApp is possible only in russian. Messages in any language are read, translated, the answer is written using the translator It is advisable to send information in print.
Looking for a customer (buyer) for sawn timber of natural moisture and transport moisture of W-20%, planed, spliced and glued products, firewood, etc.
I work as a representative of foreign companies in the Republic of Belarus in organizing and supporting the wholesale supply of wood products. I carry out finding a manufacturer who is ready to produce lumber on your order, conducting preliminary negotiations on concluding contracts (with manufacturers and transport organizations), distributing orders among various manufacturers, monitoring the execution of orders, checking the quality of manufactured products before shipping, checking the correctness of customs clearance, searching and the order of transport (if necessary).
The work is organized as follows: I make a request for your requirements, send to manufacturers (in my base there are more than 4000 enterprises). The higher I can offer prices, the more products will be produced, and the better quality I can demand ...
The price of FCA RB is determined by you, if there is a price in your warehouse - we deduct 5% my commission, we deduct the cost of delivery, the resulting price is offered to the manufacturer. If she suits him, the contract is negotiated.
When everything is agreed and contracts signed shipment sawn 1-3 days. The search for the car depends on the square of delivery and freight rates, also 1-3 days. Many sizes can be found ready, quality check 1 day.
Payment for the products occurs after checking by me (a photo report is sent to you) of your ready-made order before check-in, the final acceptance is carried out at the buyer's warehouse. You can come (preferably) to check the first finished cars to your address and, together with me, visit the production and see the quality of the cargo before transferring the prepayment, many companies do so. Approximately 04.02 I will do the mailing and telephone calls, I can include your request. Please send us open requests with prices and requirements.
Regards, Yuditsky Ilya phone (Viber, WhatsApp)

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