SEDI Briketter High-calorific Peat briquette
SEDI Briketter High-calorific Peat briquette - фото 1 SEDI Briketter High-calorific Peat briquette - фото 2 SEDI Briketter High-calorific Peat briquette - фото 3 SEDI Briketter High-calorific Peat briquette - фото 4
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SEDI Briketter High-calorific Peat briquette

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High-calorific Peat briquette

Peat briquettes are an ecological type of fuel, 100% consisting of peat (rotten remains of marsh plants). Moreover, peat is considered as one of the cheapest types of fuel. Our peat briquette is able to replace:
- 600-700 kg of high-calorific coal, or
- 6-7 cubic meters of oak wood with a moisture content of 8-10%, or
- 1 - 1.2 T wood briquettes and pellets.
It’s only our peat briquette has good combustion and heat transfer - at least 4000 kcal.
And the price of peat briquette can not be compared with other types of fuel.
The burning time of the peat briquette is pleasantly surprising - 6-8 hours depending of the air supply volume and the combustion system.
Peat briquettes are an ideal type of fuel for domestic and industrial needs.
Indicators of peat briquette:
- Humidity: 16-18%
- Ash content: up to 13%
- Sulfur content 0,3%
- The share of small pieces of less than 25mm in size - up to 6%
- Mechanical strength 95%
- Lower heat of combustion 4000 kcal / kg, 4100-4650 W / kg
Peat briquettes can be delivered by trucks and railway carriage.
Types of packages:
- bulk;
- big bag bags
- p/e package, 10-11 kg on the euro pallet.
We invite industrial and trading companies, consumers and producers of heat / electricity to cooperation.

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